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Hooked on the Philippines

Dropped by the Philippine Consulate to check out Hooked on the Philippines.
Ate some great food, listened to some inspiring doers like Dante Basco, caught up with some old friends, and WON A RAFFLE PRIZE. It was a good night :-).

New York Comic Con 2016

Long hours shooting and editing, but I did get to see some cool cosplay and hang with my friends and relatives during my free time (one of the main highlights). I keep saying this over and over, but the best thing about going to these cons is the PR booth team that Jane puts together. I’d wouldn’t want to work these conventions if the team wasn’t great to be with.

Virgin America – now my fav airlines for long flights

Red Eye

Some of our cool VIZ Booth folks

Some of my fav cosplay as I go from shoot to shoot.

Met up with my cousin Darwin to watch my first Knicks game inside Madison Square Garden.

Hanging with the English VO cast of One-Punch Man.

My cousins rolling through!

End of show

Monday – tried to see as many friends as possible. Ended the day with a great meal with cousins.

NYCC was a blast, but I am really glad that the convention season is over. It’s been a loooong summer and I missed being with my wife. X-P

2nd time in the Great Star Theater (in the span of two weeks).

Angel and I checked out this documentary called My Life in China. Great Doc!

I helped out on this film around 2012. Whew – it’s finished! 🙂
Congrats to Matt Abaya and the rest of the cast and crew! Sweat, blood, and tears on the screen.

It was my first time visiting the theater and I’ve lived in the Bay for a while! Glad we were able to see something in there.

Saw my little cameo’s in there!

AJ Plus visit

Got the chance to visit Jun before her paternity leave. Thank you so much for the tour!

Here’s a video she produced:

San Diego Comic Con 2016

SDCC is the place to be! View from the Hilton Bayshore

Also, it was Alana’s (my niece) FIRST SDCC! (holding back tears)

Here are a bunch of our Viz Media videos (by Kellen and I)
Day 1

A video posted by VIZ Media (@vizmedia) on

Day 2

A video posted by VIZ Media (@vizmedia) on

Day 3

A video posted by VIZ Media (@vizmedia) on

Day 4
FB Link:
Pokémon at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

After AX2016, I got to show Angel my old favorite stomping grounds. Glad that I was able to drop by Tuesday Night Project in Little Tokyo.

Great seeing Sean, Quincy, and Traci!

Been a supporter since my early days in LA. After working grueling hours at the ad agency, these folks kept me positive and relaxed.

Their annual fundraiser is happening right now.
KeepTNFree! Click here for more details


Anime Expo 2016

Back in LA!

Anime Expo 2016

This crowd shot always blows me away.

Our VIZ Booth

Shikishi Wall – 30th Anniversary

The Crew

After the show….

Check out a short film I made for the Interpretations 2.0 contest.
The film has to be 3 minutes max and use only 4 lines of dialogue.
“Don’t do that.”
“Of course.”
“I have my doubts.”
“What is it?”

I entered this contest because I wanted to collaborate with an old friend of mine – Rich Likong. We’ve been talking about working on something during the last 16 years (well, moving to LA for 10 years probably was the big obstacle. haha). I was determined to make something..anything. I had ideas on the backburner, but was scared because of limited resources, time, and the “is it good enough” feeling. My fiancee Angel pushed me to just go for it. Good or bad – just go for it and at least learn. Thank you so much for your motivation!

Big THANK YOU to Richard Likong, Muraya Ranieri, Monique Ranieri, and Anthony Ranieri for your time!

Check out the film here.

Awesome! Won a pair of tickets from the Center for Asian American Media. Thanks! This event was held at the JCCSF.

Brought my book!

If you want to check out the panel – check it out. Great interview!

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